The Apartment

Yes, I love my apartment, just a little bit lonely to walk around in this big one.

The Entrance, taken from outside.

The hall.


Living room.

Living room and kitchen.

Living room with some part of my view.
Part of the bedroom.
Balcony attached to the bedroom, picture taken from living room window.
Shared balcony with too other apartments.
Picture of the house in HDR.

View from living room.
View from living room.
Fjord 500m from the apartment (fish eye motive).

I have a storage room as well, but its not fixed yet!

Blogg - Start Over - In Stavanger

Hi Everyone! Time for me to start over the blog again. I have now arrived in Norway and will be here for a while. I will update this blog in the beginning of my journey and then later it will be dismissed just as it did in Singapore. But this time I'm telling you that staight away! So you dont need to wait for updates. Anyway, update once per week first 2 month its my target for this blog so you all now little bit how I am doing in Stavanger.

This journey actually started in Lund where lots of packaing have been made and traponst to a hub in Kungsbacka. First picutre of this start-over-blogg will be this one:

Propeller plane by wideroe, Gothenburg to Oslo.

This is the symbol of my new journey! I think I have never fligt a propeller plane before, but hey, Stavanger is not like Singapore ;)

I thought everything in the begining will go super smooth, but nope, just when departed in Stavanger it all started. Ther flight company have lost one of my baggage! Contacted services personel and they contacted security and other personell to find my baggage. After lots of looking the baggage was found, dropped and lonely in a sad corner.

Next thing was to get apartement key from Main office, Statoil. When I arrived, there was no key. This part of the blog Im actually writing at the entracen of statoil with no apartment to stay and lots of baggage. My contact do not answer the phone or email, im getting worried! But hey, it is 14:00 now in Norway and it is Friday! so you cant expect them still working!

Over and out

PS: I have super high expectation of my apartemnt and I think they will be fulfilled

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